About Run T2B

  • It stands for Run Top 2 Bottom and it is a run/jog or walk ... a long one! 
  • A personalised Ultramarathon, on a route that you design.
  • A package of support that will ensure you are mentally and physically prepared to achieve your T2B. 
  • An epic challenge that will test your physical, mental and emotional limits.
  • The chance to create a personalised adventure of a lifetime.  
  • A chance to become part of a community and interact with others on the same journey as you. 
  • A proven vehicle to raise money for causes close to your heart. When people find out that you are tackling an ultramarathon event it will blow their mind! 

Our Story 

In June 2020, Martyn and Paul challenged themselves to run from the top of Lincolnshire to the bottom of the county. Covering 101 miles, the pair completed the route in just over 32 hours and raised over £10,000 in the process.  
The money was donated to local cricket clubs, national charity 'Chance to Shine' and a local mental health charity. 
Watch their story: 




Now You Have The Opportunity To Do The Same