How does it work

  • It's your adventure - We will support you in the design of a personalised route, special and unique to you. 
  • It's a big one! - Your T2B route will be an ultramarathon and must be between 30 and 100 miles. 
  • It's a Top 2 Bottom - Ideally, your route will be a point-to-point route from a northerly location to a southerly one.  
  • The route - Once designed you submit your route and we provide you with a cut-off time for your distance.
  • The deadline - Don't panic, cut off times will be generous allowing for a mix of abilities and approaches (run/jog/walk). You will however need complete your route ahead of your cut off time to qualify for the 'finishers' award
  • The start line - You must start your route between 5am on Friday 24th September and 12pm on Sunday the 26th September. 


*Please note, you must be aged 18 or over at by the start date of this event. If you live outside of the UK please contact to find out how you can get involved in this event. 

Here is the original T2B route for inspiration!